Tin cans

Tin products


In the United States, we operate ArcelorMittal Weirton, a premier tin production facility in West Virginia. It is the the single largest facility in the U.S. producing tin mill products. The specific products produced at ArcelorMittal Weirton are listed below. For more information, please reference our tin plate product book and tin sheet product book.

Tin plate and sheet products

  • Single reduced – double reduced electrolytic tin plate
  • Electrolytic chromium coated steel
  • Black plate – as rolled, full finish 
  • Black plate – full hard
  • Electrolytic tin coated sheet
  • Chrome coated sheet

Tin mill sheet steel is used to produce food packaging and other containers. It is available as black plate, tin plate and tin-free steel. 

Black plate is an uncoated thin gauge cold-rolled steel intended for use in the untinned state or for the production of other tin mill products. Tin plate is black plate, electrolytically plated with metallic tin through an acid or alkaline process. Tin-free steel is black plate that has been electrolytically plated with metallic chromium and chromium oxides.

Both tin plate and tin-free steel undergo a plating process whereby the molecules from the positively charged tin or chromium anode attach to the negatively charged sheet steel. The thickness of the coating is readily controlled through regulation of the voltage and speed of the sheet through the plating area.