Wind mills

ArcelorMittal supplies the energy sector with high-performance steel products and services worldwide


ArcelorMittal supplies the energy sector with a range of high-performance steel products and services across the globe.

Built on a long history of making steel for the energy industry, as well as strong relationships with energy customers, our unique catalog of products makes us a market leader in one of the most demanding markets for steel. Our products are used in a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas exploration and production, transport, refining, and storage, as well as in the thermal, nuclear and renewable energy industries.

Our expertise comes from a long-term commitment to the energy sector, as well as our investment in technology and research and development. We help our customers meet their goals on projects requiring higher safety standards through new steel products able to withstand extreme conditions. We are also intensely involved in the development of steels that improve energy efficiency such as electrical steels for new generation hybrid and electric cars.

Oil, gas and nuclear energy

We supply the oil and gas industry with steel plates, hot-rolled coils, long steel sections, reinforcing bars, wire products, and tubes for the construction and operations of onshore and offshore platforms, LNG ships, pipelines, refineries, and fuel storage. As every project is unique, we work closely with project owners and contractors to tailor product and service solutions to their specific needs and requirements.

Solar, wind and hydro energy

In the renewable energy sector, we are at the forefront with steel innovations that maximize capacity for power generation. Our steel products with specific mechanical properties are used in hydroelectric plants for turbines, water gates and penstocks that carry water to turbines.

ArcelorMittal is also heavily involved in the wind energy sector with high-strength structural steel plates and long sections for tower structures, concrete-reinforcing bars for foundations and electrical steels for generators. For the solar energy sector, we offer both construction solutions and specific products such as saw wires used to cut silicon wafers as building blocks for photo-voltaic solar cells.