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Our approach to sustainability

As a leader in the steel industry in the United States, we recognize we have a responsibility to create a more sustainable future for our people, our communities and our planet. Since the merger of Arcelor and Mittal 10 years ago, we have built a strong reputation and a good record in corporate responsibility. We have spearheaded forward thinking reporting strategies, implemented impactful programming and led the way in stakeholder engagement in our communities.

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Sustainability and corporate responsibility - an evolution

In 2014, we recognized that to truly drive company sustainability, we must go beyond the bounds of traditional corporate responsibility programming and think about the impact that is needed from our business and our products. This stems from our belief that it is no longer enough to merely think as a good corporate citizen. Launched in 2015, our sustainable development framework takes our efforts a step further, driving us to act on the commercial imperatives of our business and the environmental footprint of our work.

Our new framework will allow us to deliver upon this imperative. The approach allows us to ensure that our robust processes aid in making our company and our world safer, stronger and more sustainable. It also helps us to avoid damaging disruptions to our operations and create substantial long-term value. Our approach is now more than a year into its implementation and we see its success continually reach new heights.

Our 10 outcomes