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Our 10 outcomes

We have to contribute to making a more sustainable future possible. Our 10 sustainable development outcomes are a compelling, practical and demanding way to do this, from the way we make steel and use resources, to how we develop new products, and support our people and our communities.

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Leading the solution through 10 outcomes

We’ve built a good track record in corporate responsibility since ArcelorMittal was created in 2006. We’ve won awards for our reporting, invested significantly in our communities, and led the way in stakeholder engagement in many of our markets. But sustainability demands more than that.

We know it’s not just about having robust processes, but creating the impact that’s needed. From the products we make to the way we make them, from the quality of our employees’ lives to how our communities perceive us, we need an approach that will help us avoid damaging disruptions to our operations and create substantial value.

The 10 outcomes are at the core of our new sustainable development framework. They are how we will create value for ourselves and for others. Learn more about the results we achieved in 2016 and our future goals in sections of this report dedicated to each of our 10 outcomes.

Learn more about our work related to each of the 10 outcomes: