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Message from sustainability leaders

Building resilience in 2016

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2016 year in review from corporate responsibility and sustainability leadership

Leading corporate responsibility and sustainability at  ArcelorMittal means recognizing our place as the industry leader and driving innovation in sustainability that extends beyond our facilities. It is not enough for our business to be sustainable. Our business must also be resilient to weather the changes that will inevitably occur in the future. At ArcelorMittal, corporate responsibility occurs at the intersection of what creates resilience for our business, our customers’ businesses and our communities.

Building resilience

  • In our business
    The steel industry today looks very different than our industry did 10 or 20 years ago. The steel industry of 2027 or 2037 may look very different than the industry today. It is incumbent upon us as leaders to think about responsibility and sustainability as they relate to our business today and in the future. This is why it is so important to build resilience in our business in the USA and around the world. For us, that means a business that invests in research and development, creates a pipeline of talented scientists and engineers for tomorrow, and confronts head-on the challenges of our industry.
  • For our customers
    Our customers in the United States are facing increasing challenges as well. For example, automakers continue to drive innovation to meet the needs of Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard’s 2025 fuel efficiency goals. As automakers take the long view on regulations, we know meeting these standards will remain key for the industry in the coming years. ArcelorMittal is committed to continuing our culture of innovation and partnership with the auto industry to be active participants in strides toward lowering greenhouse-gas emissions in vehicles and achieving fuel economy goals. In 2017, ArcelorMittal USA is also embarking on a process to create additional resilience for our customers. Our new delivery improvement performance plan will provide our customers with increased reliability and confidence in ArcelorMittal as a supplier.
  • In our communities
    As our business and our customers’ businesses change, so inherently will our communities. The workforce of the future being educated in these communities will see increased demand for highly technical skill sets. And as populations continue to grow in the United States and around the world, the health of environmental ecosystems will be paramount. ArcelorMittal is committed to engaging in dialogues with our stakeholders and spearheading partnerships that increase community resilience and allow our communities to think strategically about the challenges they may see in the future.

Our corporate responsibility and sustainability strategy in the United States will continue to emphasize the integration of our business outcomes, our responsibility to our stakeholders, and the influence of our partnerships on our communities. We are confident this approach will create resilience at every level.

Our 10 sustainable development (SD) outcomes framework delivers on this commitment to resilience. In 2017, we are building on the momentum of 2016 to implement measurable, long-term targets related to our 10 SD outcomes in the United States and around the world. We thank you for your partnership and assistance in helping to make ArcelorMittal’s business more sustainable. We look forward to the opportunity to continue to demonstrate our progress in our annual integrated report, but also throughout the year on the news section of our website and social media channels.

William C. Steers
Marcy Twete
President, ArcelorMittal USA Foundation and Corporate Responsibility Governance Board Executive Director, ArcelorMittal USA Foundation and Corporate Responsibility Governance Board


Developing resilience

The combination of innovation in our products and processes with an industry-leading sustainability portfolio, uniquely positions us to develop resilience for our business, our customers and our communities.

A three-pronged approach

ArcelorMittal is committed to creating a nexus that links our ability to create resilience through our operations to the long-term resilience of our customers, suppliers and communities.