Indiana Harbor

Indiana Harbor

The Indiana Harbor complex is the largest integrated steelmaking facility in North America and located in East Chicago, Indiana, just 20 miles southeast of Chicago.

Indiana Harbor currently operates three blast furnaces. The facility was established more than 100 years ago and currently employs approximately 4,850 people. Indiana Harbor is a diverse facility capable of making a full range of flat products including advanced high strength steels, API pipe skelp, motor-laminations, automotive exposed, martinsitic grades and aluminized. Indiana Harbor is a leader in North American development of new automotive products, and is a primary supplier of coils to I/N Tek and I/N Kote.

General manager and vice president: Wendell Carter

Union representation: (East) United Steelworkers Local 1010, Thomas Hargrove, president; (West) United Steelworkers Local 1011, Lonnie Asher, president

Employees: 4,565

Acreage: 3,095

Products made: Hot-rolled, cold-rolled, hot-dipped galvanized and aluminized sheet

Markets served: Automotive, appliance, contractor applications, distribution, strip converters, tubular

Principal production facilities: Five blast furnaces, two sinter plants, six basic oxygen furnaces, ladle metallurgy facilities and vacuum degassing, five continuous casting machines, slab dimensioning facility, 80” and 84” hot strip mills, pickling line, five-stand tandem mill, batch annealing, continuous annealing, temper mill, two hot-dip galvanizing lines and one aluminizing line.

ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor
3210 Watling St.
East Chicago, IN 46312
T +1 219 399 1200

ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor Long Carbon (IHLC) facility was idled in 2015.