Steel and sustainability go hand in hand

Going green 365 days a year


At ArcelorMittal, steel and sustainability are inextricably linked. We believe that steel has a vital part to play in securing a more sustainable future for us all, not least because it is an infinitely recyclable material, whose versatile qualities can be used in a huge variety of ways, from construction, to transportation, to manufacturing products for everyday life.

ArcelorMittal environmental associates speak to green initiatives in both their personal and professional lives...

Tim Vansumer
Project engineer, environmental
ArcelorMittal USA

A specific project I worked on that helps ArcelorMittal sustain the environment, was the preparation of a Pollutant Minimization Program Plan (PMPP) for mercury. This PMPP was developed in order to reduce the amount of mercury within the plant that may be washed into Lake Michigan during storms and rain events. I relied on plant environmental support and worked with an outside contractor to develop the plan that included a review and risk evaluation of all plant buildings, equipment, waste streams and chemical usage for potential areas where mercury could be released. Along with the inventory, activities were planned that would reduce, or completely eliminate potential sources of mercury to the lake. On a personal level, I try to do my part by using a Pur water filter at home and reusing water bottles.

Taylor Mackey
Associate engineer, environmental
ArcelorMittal USA

I think it is important to be “green” because everything we do has an impact on the planet – good or bad. Some things I do personally to reduce my environmental impact are recycle products where possible, use energy efficient lighting and appliances, and reuse items such as water bottles, bags and containers. At work, I am involved with implementing the new ISO 14001:2015 standard within our organization. The standard provides a framework for an effective environmental management system that allows our facilities to meet customer expectations of corporate responsibility as well as improve environmental performance, reduce waste, and focus on continuous improvement.

John Hill
Engineer, environmental
ArcelorMittal USA

Something I personally do to be "green" and contribute to a sustainable environment is use DIY projects in my home such as adding insulation, switching to LED lighting, or using recycled building materials to save money and be more efficient and reduce energy consumption. I carry this mentality into my job when supporting the procurement of environmental permits. We work to obtain permits that allow for efficient operation and cost effective methods to comply with environmental regulations and requirements which may then reduce ArcelorMittal's impact on the environment. It is important that we all do our part to be "green" to ensure a sustainable future where we can all enjoy healthy, quality lives for years to come. I am proud to work in an industry that provides products that contribute to more sustainable lifestyles.

Simonne Benoit
Engineer, environmental
ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor

I am a part of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) where I support two local farms that provide me with fresh produce on a weekly basis during the summer. The term “support” means you pay your share at the start of the season, irrespective of whether the farms have a good or bad harvest. It is a great way to learn more about the ecology and agriculture of your region!

Professionally, I work with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to ensure our Peregrine falcons (pictured) nest in the right places. Believe it or not, these birds come back every year. Each spring, the DNR places leg bands on the baby birds to track their migration. The babies are adorable but very noisy!

Have a safe and joyous St. Patrick's Day!

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